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Help for fundraisers.

If you’ve run into issues or have questions about using the fundraiser area, we’re here to help. See if one of the frequently asked questions below offer answers. If not, you can reach out to us via the form below and we’ll address it as soon as possible.

My fundraising site says it’s inactive and it shouldn’t be!

Before reaching out, check the following:

  • Log Out – your link will not work unless you’re logged out. This is because you have $4.50 pricing while logged in to place your final order. 
  • Try a different browser – one you are not logged into to properly view your URL like one of your supporters.
  • Clear cache/cookies from your browser. We’ve linked to instructions on how to do this for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Check the ‘End Date’ in your profile (located in the Fundraising Dashboard). If it’s incorrect, change it in your profile AND then contact us – we will need to make another date update on our end to reinstate your fundraiser.

How to contact us: Complete the contact form below. If an immediate need, call us. If no answer, please leave a detailed message (with corrected end date if the issue) and information on how best to reach you.

How do I change/extend my fundraiser dates?

There are TWO updates needed to change your dates. Fill out the contact form below with your new dates. We will edit our system so that the page doesn’t become inactive before your fundraiser is over. Then, update your ‘end date’ in your profile (found on the Fundraising Dashboard page). This change effects the dates that your buyers actually see on the shopping page.

Even if you decide to cut off your fundraiser early, it’s important to let us know so that supporters do not place orders following your payout.

Where is the unique link to our fundraising store?

You’ll find your unique link (URL) in your Fundraising Dashboard when logged in. It will look something like “”. You can also find it at the bottom of the Overview Tab in the Fundraising Dashboard. TEST your link before sharing it.

Can I shorten my Unique URL?

Sure, shorten your URL with Bitly ( Visit their site and copy and paste your unique link into the ‘Shorten Your Link’ field and click the ‘Shorten’ button. You can then use the shortened URL on your website, social media pages, postcards and more. Be sure to TEST your new Bitly link before sharing it with others.

How can I see if Supporters are Ordering Online?

Check the ‘Earnings’ Tab in your Fundraising Dashboard to see how much you’ve been credited for purchases.

Can I use Earnings toward my Final Order

Yes, when you place your “Final Order” (soups you need for face-to-face placed orders) we’ll put your online orders toward your amount due. We’ll then invoice you the balance due. If no balance is due and online earnings remain, we will pay it out to you via check.

When will I receive the payout for online orders?

We payout your earnings following you ‘Final order’ (soups you order for face-to-face orde fulfillment). We’ll apply your earnings to what you owe for your final order. If any funds remain, we’ll send you a check for the total. If you fundraiser was only conducted online, let us know that you won’t have a final order and we’ll send your check after your end date.

How do I transfer my account to a new fundraising leader?

It’s best if the owner of the fundraising account logs in and transfers the account by changing the name, email, phone number, and address to point to the new coordinator. You can also reach out to us to help with the transition.

If it’s a new fundraiser that hasn’t yet begun, you can register with your new credentials, which will give you a new link to use.

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